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Duncan Studio’s “My Beastly ABC’s” Reaches Its Fundraising Goal

Here’s another success story from LA’s growing independent studio scene. Veteran feature film animator Ken Duncan, responsible for characters like Meg in Disney’s Hercules and Jane in Tarzan, has successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign for the interactive iPhone/iPad app My Beastly ABC’s.

Duncan’s fundraising goal for the project was $35,000, and he ended up with $37,900 from 405 backers. The project will be produced through his company, Duncan Studio, which also recently produced the drawn animation for the short Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters. My Beastly ABC’s is slated for release this September.

  • Tak

    Lets hope this happens more and more.
    More tallented folks with interesting projects, more opportunities, a more engaged audience & industry.

  • If you’re reading this Ken, congratulations and good luck! You’re definitely one of the best out there. I wish this show success. :)

  • Awesome news! Congrats! I hope to be following suit in the near future.

  • AC

    Great job! Sadly, I couldn’t even get my $590 Indiegogo campaign to reach it’s goal for a new PC (I only got $50)-but it’s inspiring to see stuff work for others.

  • Craig

    Looks really cool! Wilhelm scream for the win!

  • Awesome! Keep it up, Ken!!!