IPhone Game Angry Bird goes to Hollywood IPhone Game Angry Bird goes to Hollywood

IPhone Game Angry Bird goes to Hollywood

For what certainly won’t be the last time, a successful iPhone game is attempting to make the leap into animated features and series. We’ve reported before about artists who have developed animation show pitches into iPhone games, but in this instance, the creators of the iPhone game Angry Birds already have a hit on their hands. Variety reports that they’re currently shopping the property for movies and TV shows.

The article doesn’t actually say that anybody in Hollywood is interested–just that they’re pitching the idea around–but they already have a toy deal in place. The game has sold over $7 million worth of downloads through the Apple store and the “cinematic trailer” above has topped 5.5 milllion views on YouTube. Mikael Hed, the CEO of Rovio Mobile, the Finnish company behind the game, isn’t being modest and thinks he just might be the next Pixar: “Time and time again, they take an unknown brand and make it big,” he said. Good luck with that.

  • An unoriginal crowd-pleasing game that somehow thinks they will be the next Pixar… Good luck indeed…

    • joxer96

      Yeah, riding on the coat tails of all the other ‘shoot various types of birds at pigs with a slingshot’ games that came before it. Have you even played the game? There’s good reason why among the tens of thousands of apps available, it continues to reside in the top ten list. And, I haven’t heard the game developers say they want to be another Pixar. What’s wrong with them wanting to strike out in a different direction? I for one am happy to hear about another new animation project. You never know, it might not suck too badly.

  • NYanimator

    The eggs fluxuate in size throughout that clip. Continuity!

  • Adam

    Pixar has never once “taken an unknown brand,” they’ve crafted stories. Enormous difference, Mikael, but one shouldn’t expect an executive to understand that.

  • Scarabim

    Well put, Adam. Execs never take into account talent and craft. To them, it’s all a crapshoot. It never seems to occur to them that the best way to shorten the odds is to put out a quality product…

  • akira

    more proof that ifreaks are idiots… i just watched the chinese student film below, maybe it’s not so bad if they take over our country?

    • Gobo

      Not everyone who works on mobile apps or game design (ifreaks?) is an idiot, thanks very much.

  • Scarabim

    More and more animated ugliness. When will it all end?