<em>When Lynch Met Lucas</em> by Sascha Ciezata <em>When Lynch Met Lucas</em> by Sascha Ciezata

When Lynch Met Lucas by Sascha Ciezata

This is an animated short using audio of David Lynch recounting the time he met George Lucas about possibly directing Return of The Jedi. Animator Sascha Ciezata says, “This was shot entirely with my iPhone 3G using the iMotion app. I take credit for the crude illustrations. Enjoy…”

  • Too Much Tacos


  • I really enjoyed the audio portion – I imagine meeting Lucas would probably do that to anyone in general.

  • Rob

    I wonder if this could change David Lynch’s view on the iPhone.


  • Like!

  • JavaJunkie

    “I take credit for the crude illustrations.”

    Looks like a traced a Mort Drucker drawing from MAD Magazine if you ask me…

  • Brian

    Loved it!

    Lynch’s voice is so entertaining that you could animate practically any soundbyte of him speaking and it would probably be a fun time.

  • T

    This is really good.

  • gatebuilder

    This was fun + great!!

  • MadRat

    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Hudson Union Society.”

    Thank you Hudson Union Society, for protecting the world from the threat of seeing an animation based on 2 minutes of David Lynch speaking on your lecture circuit. That was a close one.

  • guest

    yeah, thanks Hudson Union Society. just throw the free advertisement away.