“AANAATT” by Max Hattler “AANAATT” by Max Hattler
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“AANAATT” by Max Hattler

Max Hattler‘s “AANAATT”, a music video for Japanese artist Jemapur, is an abstract stop motion journey that disorients the viewer through novel placement of mirrors and windows. Hattler’s geometric universe functions using an internal logic of its own that isn’t immediately evident to the viewer, and thus creates a visual tension that is both mysterious and hypnotizing. The video dates back to 2008 but is appearing on-line for the first time. It ranks among the more unique examples of stop motion animation I’ve seen recently.

Director/Producer: Max Hattler
Animation: Max Hattler, Noriko Okaku
Assistant Animators: Philip Serfaty, Rodrigo Vives
Music: Jemapur
Commissioned by: W+K Tokyo Lab
Creative Director: +cruz

(via Motionographer)

  • A little mystified by the lack of comments on this…though it does kinda defy description. I thought it was fantastic!

  • TStevens

    I thought it was cool. I like abstract animation though. For some folks it can be a little hard to wrap their heads around so I can understand why people do not comment as much. However, the experimental animation is where you really see the aesthetic being pushed. And whether it is for good or bad, other people will see things like this and use the ideas and techniques in a more conventional setting.

    I really love the fact that this one played with simple objects (kitchen items??? bowls plates etc) and came up with something visually very cool. Shooting in to mirrors and flipping the image was an awesome way to get the objects to float. Great ideas all the way around!