“Amateur Rocketry” by AWESOME+modest “Amateur Rocketry” by AWESOME+modest
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“Amateur Rocketry” by AWESOME+modest

AWESOME+modest, the small Brooklyn-based animation studio who did all the animation for Waiting For Superman, the new U2 doc From the Sky Down, and the animated music video for The Mountain Goats posted here a few months ago. Their latest music video is for the very talented Dan Wholey. Amateur Rocketry is probably NSFW:

Director: AWESOME+modest

Sean Donnelly
Vanessa Appleby
Jane Samborski
Abbey Luck

  • Nik

    You might want to turn off the “autoplay” setting on this video (especially since it is NSFW).

    Looks nice though.

    • amid

      Sorry, that was a mistake. It’s off now. We both dislike autoplay as much as everybody else.