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Animated on Post-It notes

Directed by Andrei T. Bakhurin, this fun collaborative animation jam (Multfilm) from Russia (whose full title translates as St. Petersburg is More Than Twice as Little as Moscow) was entirely animated on or with Post-It notes.

(Thanks, Sal Dekku)

  • Rafa

    Who plays the music?

  • There is a much better quality version of the film up on Newgrounds:

    …where it was, unfortunately, totally ignored, winning no awards. Things like this aren’t hip enough for today’s kids.

    The interesting thing is that at first sight it seems to be a very random thing. But it’s not just random stuff like most Newgrounds collabs; there are mini-plotlines and certain themes in there.

    I highly recommend checking out the other works by the three artists which have Newgrounds accounts. Particularly:

    “Los Dias Sin Dias� and “The White, the Black� by scarydoll (Andrei Bakhurin):

    “Selva� by Art-hur:

    “Hanged Man’s Elegy� and “Smile� by sarcazm (Aleksandr Wasilewski):

    All three of them are animation artists of considerable talent.

  • Hulk

    Terrific! I have a feeling this was as much fun to make as it was to watch. Russian animation has always been top notch and really inventive.

  • hurray… I dig it. animation for the sake of madness with a kick arse tune… just as god intended

  • loved it! thanks for posting jerry

  • Haha, I love this. I like how in some of the scenes, the humor is in the loop itself.

  • Zee

    Inspiring!! Reminds me of why I got into animation in the first place… it’s fun!

  • Chuck R.

    Very enjoyable! Animation’s greatest appeal for me, is just seeing inert drawings spring to life. Like a flipbook, sometimes the lo-tech approach has the greatest capacity to amaze and amuse.

    Thanks, Sal, and Jerry! (and Niffiwan —for the update)

  • Thad G.

    Lo tech eternally oozes integrity. The late animator/director George Dunning (“Yellow Submarine”) once did similar stuff, deliberately showing the entire camera platen while his animated cartoon played on a post-it sized note, a few years before the invention of the 3-M Post-It Note.

  • This is fantastic — I wanna make my own now! I love the use of desks and the like as backdrops… Amazing what you can do with a pack of post-its and a little elbow grease!

  • red pill junkie

    Norman McLaren would feel very proud :-)

  • Thad G. says: “George Dunning (â€?Yellow Submarineâ€?) once did similar stuff”. I agree these shorts reminded me of that film, “Damon the Mower”. I wish I could find a copy of it, it’s a classic. As Damon moves around the frame the paper moves to keep him in the center of the frame.

  • Really great!

    There are some wonderful little gems in there… beautiful!

  • yvette kaplan

    Fantastic! Thank you Jerry! And it also reminds me of George Griffin’s flip-book films, which I loved so. And yes, I agree with Zee- definitely reminds me of why I wanted to be an animator in the first place! Bravo to the filmmakers. What fun…

  • zavkram

    OK, THAT was impressive!