“Baby I’m Yours” by Irina Dakeva “Baby I’m Yours” by Irina Dakeva
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“Baby I’m Yours” by Irina Dakeva

Run-of-the-mill roto is elevated to something post-worthy through beautiful colors and creative scene transitions in this video for Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours.” The watercolor imagery was created by Irina Dakeva at Paris-based studio Wizz.

(Thanks, Saschka Unseld)

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  • That is gorgeous! Really well done, reminds me what rotoscope can be.

  • Gio

    Niceeeee! I love the animation and the song is dope.

  • TJR

    Love it!

  • Brad Constantine

    Bold use of color and well thought out. great song as well.

  • MRoig

    Gorgeous. I’d love to know how it was done, especially how much post work it required.

  • Alfred

    Wow ! Amazing ! I want to see more of this mysterious Irina Dakeva. I’m pretty sure she’s hot.

  • Irina Dakeva must have got the patience of a zen master to rotopaint all this..

  • Fantastic technique! The imagery was pretty ho-hum, until that snake and swan showed up in the eye-popping final seconds.
    (Reminds me of what animation can be when rotoscoping is thrown out.)

  • tomm

    cool stuff

  • Who ever did the watercolor work knew their stuff. The visuals are really pleasing.

    It’s great to see so many unique music videos out on the web these days.

  • Tony W.

    I love Breakbot.
    I love this song.
    I love this video.