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“Bagatelle I” by Schnellebuntebilder

Bagatelle I

Bagatelle I is a music video for the saxophone quartet created by Schnellebuntebilder, a German trio comprised of Johannes Timpernagel, Robert Pohle and Sebastian Huber. It’s exciting to watch the jittery energy of the lines and the playfulness of the imagery which at times nearly collapses into pure abstraction, though I wish they’d resisted the temptation to insert the fully-rendered images of the musicians–suggestion can be more alluring than a full reveal.

I’m not exactly sure about the technique used, but looking at the behind-the-scenes photos, it appears that the musicians were filmed first and the artwork was created over the live-action footage. Their production notes state that, “The astonishing and impulsive moments of György Ligetis’ composition was visualized by audio reactive and generatively created graphics and accomplished by hand-drawn animations.”

  • Karim

    That’s a nice illustration for an amazing piece. They could have gone wrong easily. Definitely agree with your comment on the figurative part, it’s a breaker.

  • Nice piece, I wanted it to go longer. I think the filled in images work here, they are only on for a few frames and I especially enjoyed how the ink flowed from one musician to another. Excellent use of rotoscoping, Max Fleischer would be proud.