“Be With You” by Steve Stanchfield “Be With You” by Steve Stanchfield
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“Be With You” by Steve Stanchfield

Here is a much better re-use for old cartoons… Steve Stanchfield’s entry in the Erasure Video Competition featuring synched clips from Van Beuren cartoons (and a few others) to the new song from Erasure titled Be With You.

The most ‘like’ votes on Steve’s YouTube page wins the piece a place on the official Erasure DVD… apparently this bunch of Van Beuren clips are getting the second-most votes so far! The contest ends mid-day tomorrow, so place your vote for classic cartoons.

Steve also says that the first person who can name all the cartoons featured in the video will win a free Thunderbean DVD (There’s clips from 29 or 30 cartoons!)

  • This is really well done. I voted for it on YouTube. Hope it wins.

    I can’t name all the cartoons ,but I think I spotted at least one non-Van Beuren clip near the end … looks like a Lantz Oswald around the 3:01 – 3:03 mark.

  • uncle wayne

    I adored it! A great job in sync-ing. It is great to revisit that late-20s-early-30s period in montage!!

  • Mike

    Always, I want to be with you, and make-believe with you…

  • Iritscen

    Cool stuff. Reminds me of the old music videos Cartoon Network used to air, like this one that merges Betty Boop and Soul Coughing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYZ5-lTEKQQ.

  • I knew Van Beuren cartoons were good for something.
    Great job, Steve!

  • DB

    I find this fascinating – don’t really like the song and those cartoons look like they’re probably terrible but together the two things create a sort of surrealist magic – so good job Steve Stanchfield.

    Even though the animation looks pretty slipshod, there is a strong graphical sense to the imagery that seems to work really well out in this ‘out of context’ context.

  • What DB said.
    The cartoons are lumpy, and the music is undistinguished pop poop, but this assemblage is a compelling monstrosity.