“Believer” by Jen Stark “Believer” by Jen Stark
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“Believer” by Jen Stark

The meditative quality of Dan Deacon’s “Believer” is combined with paper sculpture visuals in this music video by Jen Stark. I like what she attempted, but the imagery has no clear focal point, and I kept having to look away from the screen to readjust my focus. Maybe that’s the point.

  • Opus carmichael

    Beautiful, this looks like a lot of work, but honestly, this could’ve ended at a minute and 30 seconds.

    Amid, Lay off the drugs when you have to decide what to post.

  • I was surprised when the 1990 MTV logo didn’t pop up.

  • G. Melissa Graziano

    You were probably having difficulty with the strobing effect of having only two frames’ difference between layers of only two colors. If it had been spaced a little closer and used a cycle based on three keys rather than laying one layer directly over the last (only 2 keyframes), it would’ve animated a bit smoother.

    But otherwise an enjoyable piece. :)

    • The Gee

      Wow. I agree with your assessment.

      The designs with just two colors are hard on the eyes and at the worst didn’t seem as effective as they could have been.

      While the animation seems like it the most redundant thing in the world, looping back and forth, the change in music does have a payoff if a person can stand to stare at that. Like Amid mentioned, it is sorta induces a meditative state.

      Obviously a lot of effort went into it but it would have been nice if there were a noticeable variation on the animation. Maybe stuttering or unexpected reverses. Given what it is, experimental things like this can still benefit from surprising the viewer. That’s why I always want to Find Waldo or have something seem to appear out of nowhere. At the least, that would add some charm to pieces like this. Though I do understand if charm was never ever considered when it was conceived or executed.

      It is cool for what it is.

  • Spencer

    Thought it was a little obvious when she reversed her cycles too. But she’s never ceased to amaze me.