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Björk’s “Wanderlust” by Encyclopedia Pictura


Björk’s new music video for the song “Wanderlust” is AMAZING! It’s a staggeringly original mix of live-action, stop motion, CG and puppetry directed by San Francisco-based Encyclopedia Pictura (aka Sean Hellfritsch and Isaiah Saxon). The “regular” version debuted today, but they’ve also produced a stereoscopic 3D version that requires special glasses. This would definitely be something special to see on the big screen.

UPDATE I’ve removed the YouTube link because the directors of the video emailed to tell us that they’ve put up a beautiful hi-res Quicktime version of “Wanderlust” on their website, and they’d prefer if people could see this version. I think you’ll prefer seeing this version too.

Below is a ‘making of’ video and here is an interview with the directors about the challenges of producing the video in 3D. And these are the complete production credits.

  • Björk, as always, one step ahead of everyone else…

  • Aw-some

  • azz

    Where’s the quicktime version? They can’t seriously expect us to be happy with PooTube

  • Weird. In a good way. Looks great! I like the use of multiple mediums. I’m going to have nightmares now.

  • Shawn Jackson


  • Murray Bain

    It’s like live action miyazaki! Stunning.

  • secret goldfish

    The Encyclopedia Pictures link provided has a better/higher resolution version of the clip.

  • So as I get up and send my girlfriend off to work, even before my cup of coffee or let alone breakfast, I decide to watch this amazing videoclip. Yes, it’s absolutely spectacular, but the creature on her back and the….god character or whatever he is scared me to death.

    Nonetheless, one amazing videoclip.

  • Bjork might just be the patron saint of animation -from her Kricfalusi short to the astonishing uses of artful CGI for the past 10 years, well – she continues to astound. Wish the Voilta album was as good as this video.

    Want hi res, just go to, click on the high res link. it doesn’t allow saving from the html page, but if you know how to use your browser you can make it download the embedded file to your hd. 160 meg QT file.

  • Chuck R.

    I agree that YouTube’s probably not the right venue for this. The still frame at the top is amazing, and I was expecting a lot.

    The video was a bit of a letdown. The music and imagery seemed disconnected somehow and that view of the river from behind Bjork’s head got stale really fast. Very cool puppets, though!

  • OM

    …It may be beautiful visually, but aurally? Bjork’s best heard with her mouth closed, I hate to say.

  • Carolyn Bates

    This is a stereoscopic 3D film that’s worth seeing. Museum of Jurassic Technology just hosted the 3D screening & great Q&A with the filmmakers. The film has a wonderful hand-hewn quality, with lovely stylized cg water and it’s clearly a labor of love. The visuals are a perfect foil for Bjork’s singing. Loved it.

  • K.Borcz

    This is awesome! It took my computer forever to download from the offical site but it was totally worth it! Of course I’ll have to do it again so I can hear the sound once I get home. But it was neat lookin’

  • Don’t know if this is postable, but someone directed me to a great quicktime version of this:

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Visually amazing. Conceptually pompous . Aurally hideous.

    My favorite part was when I finished watching with the sound off.