<em>Bright Orange Air</em> <em>Bright Orange Air</em>
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Bright Orange Air

The video for Bright Orange Air by Inlets (a.k.a Sebastian Krueger), directed by Benjamin and Stefan Ramirez Perez.

(Thanks, Doug Wallen)

  • Boy, is this hard to watch…

  • dronon

    I really liked it; while it may be a little tricky to watch, that’s actually what I found made it good. The extensive pointilism meant my eyes and brain had to readjust to figure out what was on the screen, it was kind of like a delightful puzzle of color and shape. (“Oh! Now I see it.”) The effect was also somewhat dreamlike, and I found it interesting how the different arrangements and shades of dots could produce different textures of orange. The music worked for me as well.

    What really surprised me was how there were so few comments on this piece. The first thing that sprang to my mind was to compare it to the Mars trailer posted here just a bit earlier – Here we have another example of what looks like rotoscoping for some parts, possibly transformed through video filters – to a much better effect, IMO – but no discussion of it at all. A pity.