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“Ça Ça Mirlaquerr” by Nacho Rodriquez

Barcelona based Nacho Rodríquez directed and animated in Flash this fast paced music video for (Lo:Muêso). Rodriquez is partnered with Gina Thorstenson creating imaginative videos, all worth a look, at ThorstensonCoo.

  • That was awesome.

  • gbop

    loved it!

  • eeteed

    absolutely fantastic!

    great designs, terrific animation, fun story, incredible pacing!

  • Tony C


  • This is great! I love Mr. Coo. The posing and timing is perfect throughout the video.

  • hollietree

    Great animation! and what fantastic colours and look!

    I just want to throw a big ha! out there to a lot of people I know that criticize flash as a program only capable of limited cut out animation..there is so much potential there! It’s not the tool, it’s what you do with it.

  • Toonio

    Flash is not dead yet!

  • pizzaforeveryone

    holy cow!

  • Wow! This doesn’t even look like Flash. The design, layout and animation is some of the finest I’ve seen in any animation medium. This is a perfect example of how Flash can be superior to cel animation.

  • Deaniac

    This is definintely one of the best Flash animated pieces I’ve ever watched. Very inspirational stuff.

  • The film looks like fun. However, the so-called “music”, hyper and noisy, ruined it for me. You may want to consider a real soundtrack that matches the style and feel of your film and helps progress the story. This “song” sounds exactly like the trendy, noisy stuff that hundreds of bands are doing right now. So it is not distinctive and, to me, it was disruptive to a potentially fine film.

    • It’s a commissioned music video i’m pretty sure.
      check out his other stuff and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by his music choices.

    • Keegan

      Get off your high horse.

    • For every music video posted here on the brew there’s always one of these kinda comments.I urge a change of records , the record of pedestrian opinions.

      Why don’t you enjoy the animation since this is an animation blog and not a music blog.

      • Tom

        I’d actually like to echo Will’s sentiment. It was a great animation and a fun story with great pacing, but the music somehow took it down a notch for me, even if it was a commissioned video. I don’t think any of us are saying it’s the animator’s fault.

        I mean, come on, we know this isn’t a music blog, but music and sound still play an integral part into how we experience a film, surely? It’s like if Beauty and the Beast’s soundtrack was played by a mariachi band. The story would be the same, but the music would be too distracting. It’s still important to have music and image correlate successfully, and I felt this particular short’s soundtrack almost overwhelmed the film’s visuals and story.

        Like I said, it’s a great film, but this is still a fairly legitimate complaint, though Will may have put it more harshly than I would have.

      • Trevor Keen

        To put it another way – the animation is a lot better than the music it was commissioned for. That way we give the animator credit, instead of almost blaming him for picking the music, which he didn’t.

        Often when I watch animated music videos I find myself turning the sound off after a few seconds if I find it particularly unpleasant, as I did here.

  • Totally watched this 3 times in a row. Awesome animation!

  • Damn that was good!

  • Nero

    It’s full animation. It just happens to be done in Flash.

  • obj_solid

    WOW, if the music video wasn’t enough for ya, definitely check out his website, it’s all flash animated, very well done and just fun to navigate around.

  • Karl Hungus

    Great stuff. Proof positive that Flash is as fine as any other animation medium when put in talented hands.

  • Absolutely phenomenal.

    I keep watching it over and over.

    It’s like John K in his early years. So much life and energy.


    • joe

      Yeah, compare his sketches from 20 years ago to the sketches he does now. His skills have broken down.

  • Baron Lego

    Supah-friggin’ great! I wish all Flash stuff looked like this!

    • Bob Harper

      I wish all traditional stuff looked like this!

  • Damn. Gorgeous.

  • That was a great ‘lil cartoon. Rather enjoyed that! Some of the best Flash animation I’ve ever seen.

  • He certainly is a tremendous talent isn’t he?…. ‘yes’ is the answer to that. So much fluid wonder coupled with pulse quickening extremes. I have to say this makes me feel very positive about humans

  • Anthony

    Wow, conceptually really interesting… Got em to thinking about a lot of things. I really thought it was original how he created a masculine pregnant character and had the subject/object relationships between the three character entities shift wildly from one part to the next.

    Maybe I’m reading into it too much, though! Visually engaging regardless!

  • Wow! Really cool short! Looks like it was fun to make!

  • this guy is the best! watching this made me want to roll up my sleeves and animate something of my own. It is so fun!