“Cecelia and Her Selfhood” by Adrien Merigeau “Cecelia and Her Selfhood” by Adrien Merigeau
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“Cecelia and Her Selfhood” by Adrien Merigeau

Adrien Merigeau (co-director of Old Fangs) created this engimatic music video for the Irish band The Villagers and their song “Cecelia and Her Selfhood.” He made the film at his Dublin-based studio andmapsandplans. Merigeau is also the art director of
Cartoon Saloon‘s next feature Song of the Sea. (The studio previously made The Secret of Kells.) The video was animated entirely by Merigeau except for the stop motion sequence with the jackal and dragon that was animated by Eimhin McNamara.

The lyrics are a bit confusing if you take them at face value and appear to suggest murdering petty vandals, but that’s not the case according to the Villagers frontman Conor O’Brien: “I called it ‘Cecilia and Her Selfhood’ because I wanted to show the sister who ends up destroying the statue, I wanted the sister to represent the inner wicked of Cecilia herself, so it’s almost like someone destroying herself…like an analogy of that.”

(Thanks, Tomm Moore)

  • Mike

    Very excited for Song of the Sea, but it seemed like news had all but dried up about it. Glad to see something that seems to suggest it’s still on the board!!

  • paul

    You probably want to correct that to “Old FANGS.”

  • I really enjoyed both Old Fangs and this short. Beautiful and interesting art direction on both.

  • Upstanding Citizen

    There’s a typo here in need of fixing, but part of me hopes it goes unfixed forever.

    • amid

      Oh my…thanks for catching that one =)

  • Enrico casarosa

    Absolutely loved this …

  • tomm

    Hey there, Just to clarify – Adrien did this independently of Cartoon Saloon , he and Alan Holly have a company called “Andmapsandplans” for these projects operating out of Dublin.

  • christy

    tech question-
    hey does anyone know how they made this?
    is it all hand drawn or cg with some kind of toon shade? just wondering because some of it looks so solid-
    either way it looks great!

    • So far as I know they drew it all. Adrien is like a machine with the owd drawings

    • For my segment with the dragon and Jackal I animated cut-out characters under the camera with a mixture of tin fabric and wire. On top of the character and background setups, I used a layer of glass with chalk dust, glitter and plastic beads for the eye glow and in-camera special effects. You can see one of my stop-motion setups here: http://bit.ly/nhCbWP
      Adrien created all the 2D character animation the old fashioned way, loads of drawing and colouring on paper, with some after effects work after wards. He’s just a really fantastic draughtsman.

  • Hiya Amid, thanks for the post! There’s one other thing besides the delightful typo, Adrien produced the film with andmapsandplans ( http://www.andmapsandplans.com/ ), a company co-founded with Alan Holly (another one to watch)

  • Spencer

    This got me teary. And I really appreciate that somebody paid a homage to Hertzfeldt in his more recent work with the “photograph windows” circa 1:55.

    This might be my favorite music video of the year.

  • I love how the visuals are not literal interpretations of the song. This video is really sophisticated, more than one usually expects.

    That the song itself is amazing is unusual. And is it just me, or could the lyrics be a 9/11 allegory?

  • kenneth

    When is this film going to be released? Because I’m sick of the entire animation industry going pixar pixar pixar pixar pixar pixar pixar pixar pixar. Give us some variety, please.