“Change” by Chad Turner and Ryan Todd “Change” by Chad Turner and Ryan Todd
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“Change” by Chad Turner and Ryan Todd

Sacramento California based Ryan Todd and Chad Turner created this retro sci-fi music video for the group Chllngr; a nice mash-up of Heavy Metal, Macross, Bakshi-roto influences:

  • Rajesh

    One of my biggest complaints of rotoscope animation is often the poor integration of foreground and background elements. This video overcomes those issues marvelously. And the song’s quite nice too.

  • One of the creators gives a great description in a Wired feature about the video:

    “A space guy in the universe trying to make change and create groovy things, despite his girl’s other plans.”

    It’s always inspiring to see work like this where the influences are so personal to the artists that the project can’t help but be a labor of love.