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Coke Video

Here is some nice eye candy. This music video by Faithless, which I believe premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last week, for a Coca Cola marketing operation (Coke’s M5 project), is dazzling. French designers Sara Prince, Pierre Marie, the animator Emmanuel Linderer conceived it. Paranoid NOW, a group of designers, animators, directors and graphic artists, led by Sophie Gateau and François Vogel, produced it.

Check out the video here and great behind-the-scenes info here.

  • Whoa. Crazy mash-up of different designs and art styles. Tasty eye-candy.

  • They should have gotten the person who did the hand drawn animation in the middle to time the action for the CGI characters too. A lot of that stuff is really floaty and evenly timed.

  • doug holverson

    What’s the deal with “mouth-man”? Reminded me of No Face from Spirited Away, especially when he/it was melting a little bit. Would probably make a fun mash-up with ELO’s “Summer and Lightning” as a substituted soundtrack.