“Common Is The Sense” By Nadav Arbel “Common Is The Sense” By Nadav Arbel
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“Common Is The Sense” By Nadav Arbel

Lunacidal Tendencies is some kind of a mass collaboration of 35 artists mostly from Israel. This is their latest music video, animated and directed by Nadav Arbel, based on artwork by Yoni Boaz.

(Thanks Guy, via Goola)

  • The Gee

    nice design in general. It is easy enough on the eyes. (no pun intended)

    Music videos that are animated ones are weird because I always want to like them but if the song doesn’t click with me or if the song doesn’t seem Perfect for the animation then I don’t know what to say about it.

    I like it but the song makes me think that Tom Jones after a bout of depression is singing lead vocals for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with a bonus of a horn section sitting in. (<—-not a bad thing; it sounds okay.)

    Up until right after the two minute mark it (to me) seems like the animation part was almost gratuitous. Maybe it was the way the file played on my computer but it seemed like once i noticed an action seemed slight ahead of the song, a beat, it began to seem like the animation ceased to match the intensity of the song. To put it another way, the animation and its story, if you will, seemed to wind down too early while the song was picking up intensity. Actually, the horns (to me and based on other stuff I’ve seen) kind of call for extra visuals to shown. Something extra.

    It was nice to watch it and the crew did a nice job with the animation, conceptually and technically. If that last part had a bit more OOMPH to continue the immersion (the kind of immersion that would make Keanu Reeves go, “WHOA!”) it would have been nicer to watch all the way through. Heck, maybe I would have remarked how Toe-Tappingly Wonderful the whole piece is…but, alas and a lack…I just looked for things that weren't there near the end.

    That written, surely someone who totally digs the song and the band/performer will hopefully like it a lot without quibbling or feeling the need to ensure that there is at least one public comment on the video outside of where ever it is hosted or on other sites where it may be embedded.

  • This is very stylish and intriguing. It’s amazing to get such coherency of design among so many artists. Brings to mind Nina Paley’s brilliant Sita Sings the Blues.