Concert Visuals by Naked Concert Visuals by Naked
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Concert Visuals by Naked

The animated music videos above and below weren’t created to be seen this way. They are the creations of a “motion design” company called Naked. They are used as backdrop light shows for concerts and special musical events. The one above is synced to a track by Canadian pop singer Coeur De Pirate (Beatrice Martin). Directly below is a visual to accompany French DJ David Guetta; below that, a video backdrop for Mika (Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr.) followed by a video of his performance in concert, with the animation in use behind him.

  • Those were nice. There are also a couple of live show animations for the last Basement Jaxx tour on Vimeo and YouTube that were done by different artists (including yours truly): Max Hattler Tomek Ducki Perish Factory Thorsten Fleisch

  • I’ve always kind of wondered about these things at concerts I’ve went to… good post!

  • Charlie

    Beautiful work–it’s a long way from Pink Floyd’s inflated pig, and it opens the door for using animation as a means of enhancing storytelling, whether music or spoken word. Now, if they could only find music that matches the imagination of the art. THAT would be transcendent.

  • First I watched just the backgrounds, which were nice, but not so exciting. Then I watched the performance video. What a difference! They do exactly what they’re supposed to do.

    I have to say that MIKA song sounds like “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight”:
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that – all work is derivative, after all, or else parallel evolution.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    I agree with Nina, they’re nice to look at alone but in-concert they’re really amazing.
    I don’t like that song, but the backgrounds and atmosphere they created kept me watching.. good job to the creators at Naked!

    Speaking of “all work is derivative,” that piece needs to be featured on the Brew!

  • ZigZag

    Fantastic design. But good LORD that is some awful music from MIKA.