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Thanks to several of our readers, I’ve just caught up with this music video from French music group, Justice. It’s directed by Jonas and François, a directing team at production company 75 in Paris. The art director and designer is So Me of Ed Banger Records. This creative team was also behind Kanye West’s The Good Life. Check that one out too.

(Thanks, Kelly Toon and Brad Constantine)

  • http://www.rafatoro.blogspot.com Rafa

    Old news, but great anyway…

    Check out their latest video based on logos an typography from the 80´s


  • red pill junkie

    Yep, it’s a great video, and a great song.

  • http://www.marcosgp.blogspot.com Marcos

    It’s a video dedicatory to Michael Jackson’s career

  • Beckee

    Cool, had never seen that Kanye video. Dont know if youve ever mentioned it before, but Ive always liked this one from Jamiroquai –


    Dont know whos behind it though.

  • http://www.strugglingyoungman.com Shaw

    Here is the non-animated (yet still cartoonish) version done on Jimmy Kimmel:

  • http://oerd.free.fr van cuijlenborg

    There’s also their new video DVNO, made by the guys over at machinemolle.com