Denki Groove’s <i>Mononoke Dance</i> Denki Groove’s <i>Mononoke Dance</i>
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Denki Groove’s Mononoke Dance

Its technically not animated, but I’m highly amused by this stick-puppet anime music video by Masakazu Amahisa for the Japanese techno-pop group Denki Groove.

The video tells the story of a couple who crash their car on a dark forest road and encounter a Konaki-jiji (a monster baby with the face of an old man) who leads them deep into the woods to a wild party for yokai (a klatsch of traditional Japanese monsters). The music comes from Denki Groove’s theme for the current anime horror series Hakaba Kitaro. This video, by manga artist and animator Amahisa (check out his previous animated video for the same group), has nothing to do with the TV series.

(Thanks, Seth Sherwood)

  • Lucy

    Wow!! I never thought I’d see any mention of ‘Hakaba Kitaro’ on here ^_^! I love that show; it’s about the fifth incarnation of the series, and it’s the closest to the original manga, style and story wise. I also love the theme, which wayyyy different from the one they’ve used in all of the previous versions.

    I loved this music video–Really creative. The actual opening sequence for the show is also well-done, in my opinion, although nothing like this video. Thanks for posting, I don’t think I would’ve seen this otherwise!

  • droosan

    The ‘punchline’ is fantastically funny! :D

    I’ve been listening to Denki Groove for over 10 years(!) I never thought I’d see them mentioned on the Brew ..

  • FP

    Hey! DEVO energy dome cameo!

  • This is amazing! :)