“Densya Kamo Shirenai” by Kondoh Akino “Densya Kamo Shirenai” by Kondoh Akino
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“Densya Kamo Shirenai” by Kondoh Akino

This music video by Japanese artist Kondoh Akino (gallery website in English) constantly surprised me with its playful use of the human form and its strikingly designed movement. As best as I can discern, it appears to be from 2002 and was created when Akino was a student in art school.

(Thanks, Susie Wilson and Saschka Unseld)

  • This is so wonderfully strange! The animation fits the music, and for once I really like the music of a video …

  • Great find, Amid! The music reminds me a lot of Devendra Banhart’s “Carmensita”. The animation here is just so unique and restrained. Very surreal, but very watchable!