“Dog in the Burning Building” by Fran and Will Krause

Twins Fran and Will Krause produced this mixed-media music video for Mile Kurosky’s “Dog in the Burning Building.” Light-hearted fun and easy on the eyes. There’s some behind-the-scenes production details on Fran’s site.

  • http://www.sitasingstheblues.com/ Nina Paley

    That is fantastic. Go Krause Twins!

  • Joel Brinkerhoff

    Super but sad.

  • http://www.willkrause.com Will Krause

    It’s been released? Wow!

  • http://www.elliotelliotelliot.com Elliot Cowan

    Krauses rock.

  • Ben

    Thanks for posting this! It’s one of my favorite music videos (which somehow escaped being favorited). I especially love the huge Muppet theater shot at the end!

  • Jonah Sidhom

    That was amazing, thanks for posting.
    The beginning is my favorite part, really grabs the attention. The part with the scratchy lines at :12 reminds me of Len Lye’s A Colour Box.

    I like all the high quality music videos/student films/experimental videos that have been posted on the Brew lately. I hear people complain when they aren’t posted but no one says anything when they are. So thanks!

  • http://www.davidcowles.net David Cowles

    That’s some great, puppety goodness!

  • Jonas

    Wish the video wasn’t blocked in Germany. really enjoyed this at ottawa.

  • Avi

    This looks amazing! Awesome job Krauses!

  • http://kateburck.blogspot.com Kate Burck

    I love how many techniques and ideas are in this film and how effectively they work together. Thanks for sharing, I’m glad its up online now!

  • CMcC

    2:18 till the end makes me unbelieveably happy. Amazing job guys!

  • Chris Siemasko

    God, I love that crowd shot! It is amazing how so many differing techniques blend so nicely together. Great work, guys!

  • http://www.animationfestival.ca J. Zaroski

    Mixed media at its finest. This is one of my favourite music videos, hands-down.

  • http://tillmyhands.blogspot.com Adam VM

    Holy crap, this is amazing.The different styles and mediums work together excellently.

    And the puppets are excellent.

  • http://warburtonlabs.blogspot.com mr. warburton

    the krauses never fail to make me jump up and down and scream ‘YAY!”.

  • http://liesjekraai.blogspot.com/ Liesje

    Every time I watch this video it’s like a shot of pure joy in the arm! Without the track-marks!

    Seriously a magical little bit of animation and (steal a phrase from Dave) puppety goodness!