<em>Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool</em> <em>Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool</em>
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Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool

I really love this bizarre retro-ish mixed media music video for the British indie band Editors, directed by the Lennox Brothers (Lee & Wayne) at London’s Between The Eyes. As for what it all means, the band says:

“Ultimately the video paints a truthful picture of the lies which affect our current state of existence in a (so called) free world. From the moment we’re born we are controlled, manipulated, and led astray from what really matters in life – freedom. We are orchestrated from high above; even our leaders are merely puppets/clowns with their strings being pulled by powerful groups out of sight. Conspiracy theories, Illuminati, The New World Order; the free world is no longer free, our decisions no longer our own. An Orwellian future which has come to be realised within our own lifetime – A case of the corrupt blind leading the free minds.”

(Thanks, 808)

  • Wow. That’s absolutely fantastic. Great use of cycles and it really builds and builds. That shot towards the end with the piano and the skeletons is really quite creepy. Great track too.

  • Casper the friendly executive.

    A touch of ‘Revolver’ about it, but that’s no bad thing. Hard to see corporate stadium rock wannabes The Editors as the voice of the resistance though.

  • it’s pat

    Hypnotic and gorgeous video, really suits the music. Cringeworthy “statement of meaning”. I didn’t know this band took an electronic direction from the guitar stuff they did before. Not exactly original but more so than before, sounds good, i like it.

  • Very nice mix of 30’s design with modern technology. The cycles really helped sell the retro style. I loved it, thanks for posting.

  • Artisticulated

    The animation was fun to watch.
    As to the, “As for what it all means…” regarding the music and message. LOL Deep stuff for the ninth graders. Cuz, we’re all just bricks in the wall.

  • fishmorgjp

    Wow, this is really astonishing! (Really has that that nightmare feel to it.) Thanks for posting this!

  • Im not a big fan of the Editors, I always though the singer’s trying to rip off Ian Curtis.

    This video was pretty awesome though, very 1930s and reminded me of the Fleischers. The creepy spider should be on TV

  • EatBooks

    I’d like this video more if not for the hidden Stars of David, implying that the Illuminati and New World Order are tied in with the Zionist Conspiracy. For example, check out 3:15.

  • gatebuilder

    I guess the kids dig all that irony and looming social control stuff just like we did. Nice production and cool design. Mixing it up with Camille Rose Garcia-esque visuals and rubber hose style animation really makes the ideas seem more fresh. I suppose a quick look at the credits will tell us if Garcia had an official hand in designing this or if it was the decision of the art director to “borrow” the style. Oh yeah! “Our decisions are no longer our own”, so I guess that means no more accountability. Watch out kids, your indie heroes might be the “corrupt blind leading the free minds.” Maybe this “gateway” video will lead impressionable minds to classic works like “Metropolis” (1927) and “Baby Bottleneck” (1946).