“Everyone Seems Out To Get You” by Kapow Pictures “Everyone Seems Out To Get You” by Kapow Pictures
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“Everyone Seems Out To Get You” by Kapow Pictures

Bigfoot encounters loggers, hippies, the power company and angry townsfolk in his pursuit of some peace and quiet. It’s the third (we posted the other two last June) self-funded music video for Sydney-based punk/rock band The Hard-Ons by Australia’s own Kapow Pictures:

Produced by Sandra Walters
Directed and Designed by Mark Gravas
Designed and animated by Colin Bigelow
Additional animation Aaron Powell
Editor Gemma Amos
Storyboard Mark Gravas, Colin Bigelow, Ginny Wong, Sasha Wisinowski

  • Randy Koger

    Stay tuned….for their next CD they will have learned to play THREE notes on the guitars!

    Cute animation…..can’t say much for the song. No tune, no melody. Just pounding on the drums. Punk music didn’t die……it rotted.

  • Jason

    The music is terrible. It is only 5 seconds on loop for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. And that 5 seconds sounded tired and generic.

    Bad music, animation was okay but wasn’t great. School work. Meh.

    • Iritscen

      For once, an animation’s soundtrack had more looping in it than the animation itself!

  • Gerard de Souza

    I do like Flash or whatever 2d digital animation. The problem is that even the best of that medium (like this) looks 2004.