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“Get Busy Living” by Mike Scott

A little something from South Africa today: animator Mike Scott (previously on Cartoon Brew) made this music video for Goldfish’s song “Get Busy Living.” It’s a treat to see someone advocate a purely digital illustration style and not use software to mimic a traditional animation look. His creative use of limited animation techniques and superb color are also worthy of mention.

He explained to us his process and ideas behind this one-man production:

Got a thick pad and drew out shots for each scene. Put that into an animatic in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, and then got busy with Photoshop. Drew it all in Photoshop CS4 with mostly a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and a little bit of a Cintiq 12 WX. I then animated all the image layers in Anime Studio Pro 7, and composited with Final Cut Express 4 HD.

In short, Goldfish wanted to have a story where their luggage goes on an epic adventure. They’ve done really well for themselves, often flying out to Ibiza to play sets there, and other world destinations, so I figure they’ve spent a lot of time around airports. Often their gear gets a little ‘handled’ during transport, so they had the idea of their luggage living this alternate life that they don’t know about. So when your bag goes missing, what REALLY happens to it?

They had the idea for a while and we exchanged notes quite a bit, figured the bag would mission off all over the place and ‘get busy living’, meet a girl bag and have this epic romance ha ha. Had a lot of fun with the video, worked on it in the beginning stages whilst I was in London to attend a buddy’s wedding, a bunch of storyboarding whilst I walked around Edinburgh for Edinbugh Festival, and did the rest at home in Plettenberg Bay in South Africa.

  • Michael DiMilo

    What a fun video! I love the flapping wings on the plane. Thanks for posting this!

  • I LOVE this video. Fun song. Fun style. Fun posing and timing. He’s a new hero of mine.

  • Ben K.

    So awesome! “Fort Knox” is one of my favorite videos too!

  • Hey hey hey! I just popped in before going to bed and check what I see! My animated music video! Ha ha ha, man, I’m so super stoked. Thanks Amid – you made my day…

    If anyone has any comments at all I’m only too glad to answer them here.

    Awesome. So stoked. Incidentally, thank you Michael D and Rajesh ;)

  • Iritscen

    I was looking through Mike’s YouTube channel ( ) and I am greatly amused by his Xtranormal-produced movies such as Cheese Fandango. They really do a good job of bringing out the potential in that amazing game-changing tool that will revolutionize low-budget film-making.

  • Beautiful art & fun animation, just two things quite hard to accomplish!
    Congratulations for your work Mike, keep it coming!


  • Fun stuff. The design is great, but I especially like the smart limited animation. Very creative.

  • This is a really fun piece and I agree about the color. The perfect perspective at 1:54 seems out of place with the rest of the style. It looks like a 3D rendering.

  • this video is EXCELLENT. awesome work!!

  • Thanks guys ;)

    @ Steve Segal: ah right that scene, I created a little 3D model of the bag within Anime Studio Pro. More like quasi-3D, made up of image layers, and then rotated the bag, so, you’re right. Cool.

  • I love Mike’s work. He’s an extremely talented illustrator and animator and I’m always looking forward to his next project.

  • Cute cute cute! Wonderful animation; a real treat! Also, the song is catchy as hell! :D

  • rakesh

    kickass!! takes confidence! Loved it :)

  • haha! cunnilingus spotted at 2:34!!!

  • That was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Also, wow wow wow. – Nick Cross – man, respeks guy I watched your movie here like, two years ago or something. “Yellow Cake”. Ooh nice nice nice. I clicked on your name and recognized the style immediately. I really liked that. And the soft glow effect too. Very very nice. (At least I’m pretty sure it was here on CB. Google says yes). Three years, man. Wowowow. Awesome stuff that. Hi-5.

  • Thanks Kelly, PP and rakesh. Ha ha. Hey PP, good to see you checking out some schweet animation. We go back a good while we do. Also going to mention Goldfish’s website:

    Radness. And now, back to work/watching my brother watch ‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs’. S’funny.

  • Steve R

    Gosh this is so uplifting in every way!

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks Nick & Steve.

    @ Rafa > lololol. Wasn’t meant to be like that but now that I’ve looked at it again, I suppose it does appear like that. Also how the girl bag closes her eyes and looks pretty satisfied. Naughty luggage. Hey, the little bag-guy is a fast mover. He went from being an observer to third base in record time. BUT – he’s on holiday and these things can happen. True Love … sigh.

  • This is quite a nice film, but I have no idea what you mean about a “purely digital illustration style”. To my eyes, it looks like it is trying hard to imitate traditional paint textures. That is, paint-on-cell animation, which is not new and has been used extensively in Eastern Europe. i.e. some of Witold Giersz’s films such as the 1967 “The Horse”, or Vladimir Samsonov’s numerous animated poems which he made in the 1980s:

    A “purely digital” illustration style is, I think, one that would be least of all possible with traditional techniques. So maybe something like this work by Nikolay Belov, with its heavy use of tweening, transformations and lack of textures:

  • Stephen Levinson

    Awesome! After I saw this video I hired Mike to work on my project! He’s an incredible artist!