“Get Myself A Gun” by Jesse Davidge “Get Myself A Gun” by Jesse Davidge
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“Get Myself A Gun” by Jesse Davidge

A nice little animated music video for the band Jon And Roy, directed by Jesse Davidge, produced at Blatant Studios in Vancouver. For a look into the production of this video, check out Jesse’s dirtywordscomic production blog.

  • Jesse,

    Great work. Looks really nice.

    Nice little story.

  • Sweet and solid piece. I enjoyed it being so calm yet so colorful and well paced. Great job, Jesse Davidge!

  • Thanks everyone, glad you liked it. You should’ve seen that else I had planned. In the original treatment there was going to a be Sea Nymphs and a Giant Krakan!

  • Wesley John aka Silvermane

    really liked your animation short film. How did you do it? I am a fledgling animator and musician and would like to animate one of my songs.

    • Glad you liked it Wes! The video was mainly done in flash, then composited in After Effects. Good luck with your music, shoot me a link once its done!