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“Ghossts” by CRCR

That zany Paris-based collective of independent artists, CRCR, is back with this mesmerizing piece; a literal head-trip. I love it.

Credits after the jump.

Artist : LORN
Title: Ghosst(s)
Director: CRCR
Produced by: QUAD
Producer: Sonlan Tran
Animation: Rémi Bastie, Mathieu Bétard, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Nicolas Dehghani, Paul Lacolley, Nicolas Pegon, Jérémy Pires
Compositing: Geoffrey Skrajewski, Philippe Valette

(Thanks, Zac Leckscheid)

  • Mic


  • Insane I love it!

  • great style, line-work and movement

  • CRCR are amazing.

  • Al E. Jordan

    The start reminded me of George Orwell’s Totalitarian icon, Big Brother. As it progressed, it became Big Brother From An Alternate Universe. This is remarkably stunning. The illustration work on this looks like it was done by Daniel Clowes. Could he have actually done the layout for this? Or was it some other artist who was influenced by him?