“Giddy Up” Music Video by Leah Morgan “Giddy Up” Music Video by Leah Morgan
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“Giddy Up” Music Video by Leah Morgan

I haven’t worked in an office for many years so I have no idea if this video for Tahuna Breaks’ “Giddy Up” qualifies as NSFW, but the video thumbnail offers a good clue about whether you should click or not. It’s a dirty and clever nod to the Pointer Sisters’ Sesame Street classic. There’s a smart lesson within: if you’re going to do a parody, don’t settle for middle-of-the-road references–go all out and own it.

Directed and Illustrated by Leah Morgan
Edited and Animated by Morten Leirkjaer
Produced by Fish N Clips, Auckland, New Zealand

(Thanks, Mike Johnson)

  • Amid: as someone who is forced to work in an office, allow me to assure you the video, while a lot of fun, is NOT safe for the office!

  • Oh my god, it’s so LONG!

  • Fred Sparrman

    Yes Mike Dobbs, I feel quite sure Amid knew that, but just wanted to point out that HE doesn’t have to work in an office.

  • That is my new fave band… Love the funk.

  • Mike Johnson

    “Nina Paley says: Oh my god, it’s so LONG!”

    I lol’ed so HARD at that!

    Yes, it’s so long even Sita would stop singing the blues!

  • And the groove is so THICK, Nina!

    Great vid, ballsy (so to speak) and a lot of fun. Some of the animation on the band was disturbing in a bad way though, like the drummer’s hands. But all the pinball stuff was brilliant.

  • Even the preload image is NSFW. Maybe it would be a good idea to do it as a link instead of an embed?

  • marc giddy up gordon too

    i wanted to share a George Clinton citation from an early funkadelic
    LP title to comment this brilliant funky track didn’t make it through???

  • Sam Sleiman

    This is UNSFW, Unquestionably Not Safe For Work, LOL.

  • MichaelDair

    So round, so firm, so fully packed!


  • MadRat

    NSFW is a concept not a rule. It’s a bit like saying, “family friendly”. I get the feeling the artwork would struggle to get an R-rating.

  • DL

    I live in New Zealand and this video got pretty flaccid after a couple of minutes, having begun with phalli etc instead of a gradual reveal(more foreplay please) of funky filth. Needed to be a more linear story for MrEps as he never quite climaxed.