“Good Day To Die” by Ben Daure and Tim Box “Good Day To Die” by Ben Daure and Tim Box
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“Good Day To Die” by Ben Daure and Tim Box

The music is heavy metal. The images are graphic. But I have to admit it’s one awesome piece. This video was created by two people, Ben Daure & Tom Box (aka Grape Productions), using After Effects and Photoshop, taking a little over 8 months to complete.

  • tedzey

    That’s some really good animation, on After Effects?! That’s insane! Props to these guys, they really got the Jhonen Vasquez look down properly!

  • jgpunk

    dig it! nicely done!!

  • Dee

    Looks like the makings of a hit on Newgrounds.

    • I asked actually. They really liked it but said they didn’t have the capacity to stream video.

      Thank you and everyone for you feedback it is much appreciated and makes those 8 months worth while.


  • Michel Van

    very good Animation
    but so insane story, wat become realy violent!
    congratulations to Ben Daure & Tom Box ,
    i love every second of it