“Hamihadarigeri” by Sojiro Kamatani “Hamihadarigeri” by Sojiro Kamatani
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“Hamihadarigeri” by Sojiro Kamatani

This experimental music video for Oorutaichi’s “Hamihadarigeri” directed by Sojiro Kamatani defies easy description but it excites my senses as few other animated pieces I’ve seen recently. That’s because Kamatani packs enough visual ideas for a dozen animated shorts into his stream of conscious assault on orthodox visual sensibilities.

(Thanks, Robert Ryan Cory)

  • That was pretty cool. I like the DIY quality of the work with the use of paint and markers.

  • Abu

    Its a case where the visuals definitely fit the music.

  • I love it.

    This is a really fun piece. It managed to make badly drawn anatomy move extremely convincingly which is a clever feat to be sure. Watching it felt like watching an elementary school kids notebook scribblings come to life.

  • The music is brilliant. The visuals justified.

  • heta-uma greatness!

  • i like this a lot. definitely clever filmmakers.

  • Love this song/video. The animator’s done a couple others that I know of. This one’s quite good too:


  • Brandon

    The timing of the introduction of color helps the animation fit the music like a nimble five-fingered rubber appliance.

  • orthodox > occidental

  • and everything 2 posts here or john k’s blog theres sumone decreeing japanese anime destroying the world.

    this is awesome

  • E. L. Kelly II

    THESE visuals would work NOWHERE but with this music.
    THIS music would would work NOWHERE but with THESE visuals.
    Totally. Perfect. Marriage.

  • Shmorky

    WOW. Just INCREDIBLE. That was so awesome. Thank you for sharing!