“Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn” by Hoku Uchiyama “Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn” by Hoku Uchiyama
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“Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn” by Hoku Uchiyama

Beautiful little retro-style music video for Evelyn Evelyn by Los Angeles director Hoku Uchiyama and animator/character designer Adam Bolt – for Santa Monica-based producer Vanishing Angle.

Director: Hoku Uchiyama
Produced by: Erich Lochner, Matt Miller, and Adam Bolt
Lead Animator: Adam Bolt
Executive Producers: Jason Webley & Amanda Palmer
Director of Photography: Adam David Meltzer
Evelyn Evelyn played by: Lexi Ibrahim & Nikki Ibrahim
Composite Work: Travis Gorman & Michael Scott
Skeleton-Dance Animator: Julian Birchman
Additional Animation: David Johnston
Character Design: Adam Bolt
Additional Character Design: Odessa Sawyer

(Thanks to Sarah Miskoff for posting this on CB’s Facebook page)

  • Peter H

    Oh that is SO nice! The animation suits the character design, the character design suits the premise, and it’s put together seamlessly! A little piece of perfection!

  • Mic

    I LOVE IT!

  • Scott B.

    I lead a sheltered life, so this is all strange and new to me, but you can listen to the entire, narratively connected album on the Evelyn Evelyn website. It’s as clever and fascinating as — and weirder and darkly funnier than — this animated video, which itself is amazing. I … recommend it?

  • Mike Johnson

    (Quasimike is currently unavailable for any kind of coherent commentary on this video, as he is currently dancing around the room like a sugar-buzzed 8 year old on crack with a smile wider than should be physically possible.)

  • Mike Johnson

    BTW,Quasimike is my childhood nickname, one I chose myself after watching Charles Laughton in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 8 years old and calling myself that…thank God for therapy. And also for this post, so I could become 8 years old again for a couple of minutes!

  • Clint H

    Nice video! The song wasn’t too bad, either.

    • Tony

      What??? The song is great!

  • Bob Harper

    WOW! We need more of this kind of stuff!!!!

  • Very well done and fun.

    Amazing how many more animated music videos we are seeing in the last few years it seems.

  • I am credited on this project as a “VFX Consultant” after I didn’t have time to do the compositing on the project (I had worked with Adam Bolt on another project before this), and I helped conceive and supervise how the tracking/compositing work would go, and to be honest, even I don’t really know how they pulled it off (congrats to everyone, principal photography on this was way back in the beginning of March, 2010!

  • Tory

    Very good. I also love the animated video for their song Sandy Fishnets. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmTf-l1sD_E

  • E. L. Kelly

    Aaaaand now I suddenly *care* who this “Evelyn Evelyn* is.
    Everyting from the song to the animation to the composing of the women (of ill-repute?) in the background add up to a cute-and-dirty vibe, just the way I like these things.
    I ventured on into “Sandy Fishnets” after viewing this twice, and I’m entranced.