“Heart of Glass” by Alon Chitayat “Heart of Glass” by Alon Chitayat
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“Heart of Glass” by Alon Chitayat

Alon Chitayat directed this cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” performed by Berlin band Skin Diary. The video skillfully combines pixilation and background compositing to appealing effect. More details about the video can be found on the director’s website.

Directed by Alon Chitayat / Animishmish
Assistant director: Dori Adar
Photography: Tillmann Engel
Lights: Dan Jung, Roman Hoffmann
Makeup artist: Marit “Schminkpistole” Kenning
on-site Catering: Micky Hickbert
Actor: Robert Speidel
Giant scene designs – Alona Wiess

  • I like the vid. It’s a nice quick summary of gender relations these days.

  • Magnificent and Hilarious… I love the avenging Babe scenes at the end!
    Oh to be 25 feet high and punch away corners of buildings!

  • Wonderful collage of techniques – I enjoy seeing music videos in this vein. And they kept up a good storyline to the end! Great cover too!

  • compn

    video and stop motion is fine and extra effects are neat, but wow does that music and voice burn my ears.

  • Sweet, nothing really objective here, just pure siliness and fun (and yes, def managed skilfully). Reminds me a bit Sledgehammer’s randomness and quirkiness: