<em>Her Morning Elegance</em> <em>Her Morning Elegance</em>
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Her Morning Elegance

Pixilation by Yuval & Merav Nathan, for musician Oren Lavie.

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  • http://www.animationinsider.net/ Aaron H. Bynum

    Amazing. I couldn’t watch it with the sound on, since I’m at work, but that’s pretty amazing.

  • http://www.misguideddesigns.com Bob

    UH-MAZING!!!! Many thanks for this posting, and I will seek out Oren Lavie’s moosic as well.

  • http://blog.ninapaley.com Nina Paley

    That is so amazing and beautiful.

    I sometimes can’t believe what an abundance of incredible work is being made these days. Gives me faith in humanity, it does.

  • Dave Knott

    Very inventive! It’s actually a great rough study for walk cycles too.

  • mooner

    This absolutely makes my heart smile!!!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    Awesome! Love the film…and the song too! :)

  • http://www.taberanimation.com Taber Dunipace

    Yeah! Awesome! Totally imaginative and really well done. Must’ve been fun to make.

  • Lustig

    That was the coolest!!

  • http://www.animationinsider.net Cody S.

    Wow. A beautiful peace to a beautiful song.

    …Must have taken forever!

  • jakob

    heart-wrenchingly beautiful. And lovely animation there. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  • http://www.mightynice.com.au Darren Price

    Wow, that is fantastic! Well done Yuval and Merav.

  • http://www.mitchworks.com/ Mitch Kennedy

    WOW beautiful!! I’m completely taken by it!

  • Azz

    Man…every word I was going to use has already been said.

    But it really is beautiful and inventive. Nice song too.

  • http://bombchell.blogspot.com Bombchell in Atlanta

    it’s really pretty and clean

  • G. Melissa Graziano

    Awesome animation! I especially loved the little touches, like the sock fish. I love it when artist takes an object, puts it into a different context, and it becomes something completely different.