Here Come The Guns

Here’s a clever music video, animated by Greg Condon for the rock band Choo Choo la Rouge, using post-it note pads as flipbooks.

  • Jessica Plummer

    Always like this idea, much like the HP Invent video done with frames printed out to create animation in real-time. But the sloppy color keying was distracting for me. Would have liked to see something done with all that empty space.

  • Uncle Phil Rynda

    Woo! Greg is awesome. He’s always been making incredibly creative and entertaining shorts. And this one doesn’t disappoint. Great job Greg and thanks for posting this Jerry.


  • Mike Scibetta

    Bravo! Great way to end my lunch hour, thanks Cartoon Brew…….

  • Layron DeJarnette

    Cool video.

  • Preston

    I loved it! I absolutely loved it. It was simple and yet so cool. Catchy little tune too btw.

  • Andy

    Classic Greg Condon!

  • uncle wayne

    Wayyyyyy Too Cool!! A Saltue to Flip-books! I seriously think damn FEW of CB readers did NOT make flip-books at one time. The sync of this vid is superb!! What a joy! Thanky thanky!!

  • red pill junkie

    That blue background… ugh!