<em>I Got Opinions</em> <em>I Got Opinions</em>
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I Got Opinions

Incredible eye candy in this new animated music video by Watermark, an illustrator’s collective based in New Zealand and Australia. With only 8 weeks from start to finish, they created a music video for Greg Johnson’s song I Got Opinions utilizing the creative talents of eight different illustrators and their distinct styles. You can see a hi-def clip on the Watermark homepage, and check out the production blog with storyboards, pre viz and stills, as well as the animators credits here.

(Thanks, Dave Follett)

  • That’s gorgeous and imaginative looking stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  • Trevor

    This is really fun to watch! Thanks for sharing it and all the other recent music videos.

  • Man what trip! Wohoo! :D

  • aaron

    It’s funny how people will posts 40 something comments about a second hand account of the first half hour of the new Disney film or post endless comments about a festival poster but cool videos like this get so little love. Nicely done in an amazingly short amount of time. Kudos.

  • secret goldfish

    That was great, like Hi-Fructose magazine animated!!

  • Brian

    Wicked awesome video!

  • Gdogg

    That DEFINES Eye Candy.

  • Cheers, people!
    The process was a doozy- the brief handed out to each illustrator was to create a world in their particular style- a world that Obo and his little cart could travel through and vaguely interact with. Once all the worlds were submitted (I think they each had a week to create it amongst all other paying jobs on the go) then it was all handed over to Dave Way and Simon Shaw to start gelling into some sequence that worked. Totally an arse backwards method of creating a short animated movie, but in this case it works really well.
    Dave Way animated everything in Flash with only a couple of elements done in After Effects and Maya- the sparkly bits at the end. It’s such a great clip as it uses all sorts of illustration styles- from traditional paintings using oils and acrylics, to Photoshop and Painter art and even Illustrator vector art.
    As far as I know it’s starting to do rounds at film festivals and competitions around the world. Although it was an absolutely manic project everyone in Watermark is looking forward to the next one! Especially me- I was traveling at the time it was on and so missed out on submitting! It’s also a great showpiece for us- clients can now see that Flash animation for the web and multi media need no longer be the predictable stuff you see in banner ads.
    Thanks to Cartoon Brew for posting it!

  • Very freakin’ rad! Well done to everyone involved!!!

  • oh WOW… such beautiful worlds! i can see how each one must have been inspired by one person! and GREAT timing to the music – there are so many videos I’ve seen that the visual’s timing doesn’t coincide with the music at all, but this is GREAT. i’ll be telling my friends! :D

  • There’s also the flash game you can play too!
    You get to it by playing the clip from the watermark website and then clicking on the ‘game’ ticket in the pop up window.
    Try this if you want to go direct:

  • Brenda

    I think i’ve seen this video at least 10 or 12 times!
    The animation it’s just so gorgeous and inspiring. The different worlds shown have such unique styles, but at the same, they all go great together with the video!
    The song is also very catchy and uftlifting! the song and video totally suit eachother and this makes it all the more fun to watch!

    I have to agree Aaron!
    how come this doesn’t get as much comments as other entries? >:V
    Thanks for sharing! (:

  • That was outstanding! Beautiful in design and movement, and the song’s great too. The images really worked with the song and told a story. Bravo!

  • Gotta agree with the rest. Simply a fun video to watch.

    In regards to Dave F’s comment about Flash being a pretty powerful tool for animation(*commercials/series.. not web) I wonder what his experiences are like when you gotta use Flash with many Bitmap art. I find Flash slows down alot, when After Effects works well with bitmap.

    Any info would be appreciated. Cheers!

  • Gdogg

    I like it how there are SO many different styles. Makes for a cool and unique video.
    Kudos to creators.

  • So impressive on so many levels. First, that this came from an illustrators’ collective. There’s a lesson to be learned here about collaborating and keeping the eye on the outcome. Secondly, the wide-appeal of the visuals and music: kids and adults alike will be drawn into this production I could continue with a count but the bottom line is that this is a big 10 for creativity, cooperation and pure cool.