“I Live In A Dump” by David Cowles and Liesje Kraai “I Live In A Dump” by David Cowles and Liesje Kraai
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“I Live In A Dump” by David Cowles and Liesje Kraai

I love every song They Might Be Giants ever recorded… so I’m biased towards this new animation-and-puppet music video from their album, Cast Your Pod to the Wind. Directed by David Cowles and Liesje Kraai.

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  • Leirin

    Whoa. I was just starting up a TMBG song before I loaded The ‘Brew (and I don’t listen to them regularly). That was truly excellent. I liked the song quite a bit and the animation was very interesting and varied.

    • Connie Pinko

      Me too! I am on a big TMBG kick right now (filling in some holes in my collection) and I was just thinking what a great music video this song would make. Color me surprised and delighted!

  • Love They Might Be Giants! Not only for their awesome songs but for they’re interests in the arts and animation. A good bit of their music videos are quite amazing pieces of animation. Especially, the song, “That Crazy Baster Wants to Hit Me”. Laika house animated that music video and it is just hilarious!

  • Liesje rocks.

  • I thought this was written to be the theme song for Cartoon Dump!

  • pheslaki

    That was hilarious! Very cute, very lively, fit the music perfectly.