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I’m Impressed


One of my favorite groups is They Might Be Giants and all their work is worth celebrating. But this cute/subversive new animated video by Rob Shaw of Bent Image Lab is a real treat. All I can say is, I’m Impressed.

(Thanks, Blue Delliquanti)

  • a very dark video for such a happy-go-lucky song. it was lovely though. it’s stop-motion right?

  • Check out Rob Shaw’s ‘Moodbot’ for Zune. Another killer robot but ‘Moodbot’ is more upbeat.

  • That was awesome.^__^

  • One of my favorite groups too! I heard they are working on the musical score for Henry Selick’s Coraline.

  • incredible!

  • TMBG are doing so much more for the independant animators. They’re like the new NFB.

  • Adam

    Cool stuff, but why not illustrate the actual lyrics in the song? Don’t get me wrong, I think the animation is great and beautifully done, but it seems completely incongruous with what’s being sung, and therefore a distraction.

  • Cool. Really like the design.

  • I think the video illustrates the song perfectly. On the surface it’s bright, but underneath it’s quite dark and subversive.

  • superone

    Rob Shaw is radical!

  • guy incognito

    rob shaw must have magic powers.

  • Arlyn

    Yes!!! I love that film, I also think it went well with the song……Very cool designs, Shaw has some Talent. WOW