“Inside a Boy” Music Video by Rafa Toro “Inside a Boy” Music Video by Rafa Toro
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“Inside a Boy” Music Video by Rafa Toro

“Inside a Boy” is a fresh-looking music video for the group My Brightest Diamond. It’s directed by Spanish artist Rafa Toro. He says that he made it “with a tight schedule (barely a month and a half) and low budget (I made every step of the production, including design, animation, editing, etc…).” The illustrations in this vid are a treat for the eyes and the real highlight of the piece. This is Toro’s first major freelance animation assignment and I hope it’s not the last.

  • Brett

    Amazing video and song. I just saw My Brightest Diamond play last week and it was an incredible show.

  • Katella Gate

    This is a great short. Sharp focus, no deadwood, no cliches. Four minutes well spent.

  • Chiskop

    Well, its not pixar, hence the least attention this piece of work is getting.

    But don’t let this fool you into thinking that this is not good. Good job Rafa. inspires me to learn flash.

  • Chuck R.

    You’re right, Chiskop. This deserves more attention.
    I’m amazed at what Rafa’s accomplished here in less than two months. What an excellent start to a career. The music’s great as well.
    His website’s worth a peek too: “Pull the strings!”

  • Wonderful! Absolutely refreshing visuals and animation. I think Katella Gate said it as concisely as possible, so I will second the opinion.

  • twins?

    uhh… anyone else think they were brother and sister until the end?!? pretty much look like fraternal twins to me (same face, same hair color… same outfit). well done despite. and a ton of work for that prod. schedule.

  • A visual treat. Felicidades, Rafa!

  • Thanks so much Amid for posting!
    And everyone for your comments!!