<em>Jardim das Delícias</em> (Garden of Delights) <em>Jardim das Delícias</em> (Garden of Delights)
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Jardim das Delícias (Garden of Delights)

The lead characters (the band members) are a bit dull and the music does nothing for me, but the fantasy creatures and backdrops in this new music video – for the band Sociedade Soul of Florianópolis, Brazil – are nicely conceived. Directors Gustavo Brazzalle and João Pedro Agnoletto Cardoso spent six months producing this piece at the Cafundó Studio. Check out the concept art here.

Written and Directed by
Gustavo Brazzalle
João Pedro Agnoletto Cardoso

Production: Cafundó Estúdio Criativo \ www.cafundo.tv

João Pedro Agnoletto Cardoso
Pedro Henrique Corrêa
Giovanni Girardi

Gustavo Brazzalle
João Pedro Agnoletto Cardoso
Romel Germano Heidi Gonçalves
Giovanni Girardi
Eduardo Santaella Malaguti

  • http://sketchblakey.blogspot.com Stephanie

    I couldn’t finish this, it was just tooooo sloooooow. :(

  • Jay Sabicer

    True, the band came off as a weak imitation of H-B’s The Impossibles, but I actually kinda liked the music – sort of a Brazilian Donald Fagen/Steely Dan sensibility.

  • http://www.nickingram.blogspot.com Nick

    I think this shows just how important character design really is! such boring design i just kept loosing interest.