JibJab’s 2010 Year In Review JibJab’s 2010 Year In Review
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JibJab’s 2010 Year In Review

It wouldn’t be the end of the year without JibJab’s traditional musical summary of the years events. And, as usual, check out how they conceived this with several extensive behind-the-scenes videos: HERE.

  • Ben K.

    They just keep getting better! Awesome dancing too!

  • Katie M.

    LOVE the Biden puppet!!

  • Jeffers

    I wait all year for these, wondering if they can pull off the magic again, and they never disappoint! Jibjab is the Pixar of internet videos. Congratulations to them on another dazzling card!

  • Chris

    I like to see all of the non-flash content JibJab has put out this year! Although Obama and Biden might like to beat 2010 with little 2x4s, I think it was a great year for JibJab. I have to say I am already looking forward to JibJab’s next film for the first time in a long time.

  • PUPPETS!!! really great stuff guys!

  • Darkblade

    The song itself sounds like it was fitted for a black and white cartoon. :)

  • AaronSch

    Ahhhhh… I’m not gonna join the choir. I think it was disappointing compared to years past. I prefer the animation to the puppetry.

    • Puppets are awesome!

    • I really like this one but I’ll agree…last year’s film was killer and a tough one to top!

  • Toonio

    Nice farewell to the much hyped hope. Also you have to recognize the current leaders are actually puppets so nice call from JibJab.

    • Paul N

      Umm… O.K….

  • Hilarious! Love the “basketball” bit at the end. What makes these things so funny is that they use political themes and never take sides. They take aim at the news as-is, pointing out that absurd things happen regardless of opinion or political affiliation.

  • rakesh

    good morning to you too :)

  • Puppetry! They’re not the Hensons. The animation is missed.

    • Ouch.

    • Andy Rose

      I actually liked the way they included some long-standing Muppet cliches like the rubber-hose dancing, and the way the Jib Jab heads nodded pointlessly at the end of their bit.

  • TJR

    Loved the Puppetry!

  • TJR

    They’re right about California……That’s why I don’t understand why it didn’t pass?