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Job Offer of the Week

Another classic job offer, this time from A Nigerian musician, Cruci Derek, is looking for somebody to make him a “high-quality” CG music video with an “Avatar standard”. The budget is $250. They’ll pay you through Western Union, but be forewarned, “Deposit upon proven competence of undertaking this job.”

To be fair, the guy’s music isn’t awful:

(Thanks, Frank Panucci)

  • Mike Cagle

    Who knows if the musician really had anything to do with the ad.

  • Takes those sun glasses off and me might have a deal!

  • Jo

    This is probably a scam. The English is less formal than the usual Craigslist style scam, but all the other hallmarks are there.

  • Jo

    Yeah, I didn’t mean to say the musician is scamming anyone. Someone is taking advantage of his talent to make their scam seem legit.

  • Spike

    An “Avatar standard”?
    Well, if you used 3 minutes of music, that’s roughly 1/60th of Avatar’s length, so a sixtieth of the film’s $237,000,000 budget would be fine: I imagine Weta would be able to cook this up in a few months, provided that the client is willing to add a mere $3,949,750 to their budget.
    I’m sure producing the fifth most expensive music video of all time will provide some much-needed publicity for these jerks.

  • Anything involving Western Union is a scam, pure and simple.

  • it’s pat

    “Mr. Bling production!”

    Bling’n budget.

    (might be a year’s salary for some people in the world, but try making it with people instead of the avatar hopes, right?)

  • Some kick-ass Indian animator is going to pull that off and be content with the compensation.

  • i’ll pay myself $250 AND keep the realistic model for my portfolio.

  • Chris S

    Fede Alvarez can do it.

  • This video is perfect the way it is!

  • Once again animation proves itself to be the simplest most in expensive art for available next to painting cardboard boxes with crayons.

  • @Otherdan : I think that amount is too less for even a Indian animator.Interns get more than that.

  • Wow people have actually bid on this project. One even agreeing to do it for $250 (@Tarun Jain, from india :p). Crazy! However, I’m glad that the other bids are over $3,000.

    Maybe people are getting the idea that animation isn’t so hard? For some reason they watch the special features on their DVD’s and think they have some kind of insider’s look at the process and anyone can do it? Then they offer piteous for an animation project. Makes life a little more difficult for those of us just starting out in animation trying to find work.