“Jubilation Day” by Ryan Reichenfeld “Jubilation Day” by Ryan Reichenfeld
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“Jubilation Day” by Ryan Reichenfeld

This animated music video for Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Ranger’s Jubilation Day (off their latest bluegrass album Rare Bird Alert) is a great way to start the weekend. It was directed by Ryan Reichenfeld and produced by Jonathan Wang. Animation and illustrations by Brian Covalt, Janelle Miau, Ken Perkins, and Jeffrey Shroyer (made at Moving Colour in downtown Los Angeles) based on album art by Salli Ratts.

  • Nate

    Awesome work Brian!

  • Ron

    Ken Perkins: one of the animators, makes a cameo at the end. He’s the guy in the bed.

    Well done everyone!

  • The Gee

    If I must pick it apart…

    Other than the thin chicken legs, it looks pretty good. Easy on the eyes…I seriously hope they get to do more.

    I must admit being a sucker for Steve Martin so I’m forgiving are no 3/4 poses (or if there are any, not that many.) It is probably not a common choice in this type of animation anyhow.

    It sure is a plucky little video though.

    While I’m not sure what he has been associated with lately, years ago there was a cartoon that featured a cartoon Steve Martin as an ineffective magician, “Mordo,” I believe it is called. So, he’s no stranger to this sort of thing.

    puns intended…

  • David Breneman

    That was very enjoyable.

    The visuals weren’t bad, either.

    Seriously, it shows that good animation is more than good animation.