“Kaiserwetter” by Benjamin Leng “Kaiserwetter” by Benjamin Leng
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“Kaiserwetter” by Benjamin Leng

“Kaiserwetter” is a distinctive looking video for German musician Olli Schulz directed by Benjamin Leng of HickPix. Leng tells us, “I made the video together with illustrator Niklas Hughes in a six-week period, combining hand drawn backgrounds with computer animation in After Effects.”

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  • The things I liked the most:

    *The design and textures of the drawings.

    *The darkness of the story

    The things I liked the least:

    *The flatness of the sky, it worked against the drawings of the buildings, making them look more “cut out”.

    *The limitations of the animation, although I appreciate it was just about enough to tell the story.

    It was a nice song too :-)

  • doug holverson

    Ach du Leiber! Almost makes me nostalgic for Raw magazine….