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Knitted Music Video

Tricot Machine

Director Simon Laganière’s new music video for the Quebec duo Tricot Machine uses artwork that is entirely knitted. Over 700 unique knitted pieces were created for the video by Lysanne Latulippe of the fashion label Majolie.

(Thanks, Simon Boulianne)

  • Jason

    It’s so wonderful. Thanks for posting it!

  • Firefox has trouble with the site, but you can get directly to the video at

    By the way, this appears to have been knit automatically by a machine – which would make this a form of CGI, yes?

  • tom

    It’s not Firefox having trouble, it’s that the video plays in a popup window, and most users have Firefox to prevent popups. Just allow popups for this site, this time, and resize the play window to taste. Easy peasy.

  • Nymo

    Reminds me of the White Stripes LEGO music video.
    Pretty sweet!

  • Euell

    Next month they release Rufus Wainwright doing the 1961 Judy Garland concert, animated entirely with corn nuts.

  • Wish I could see it, but it’s a Windows-only format, HURRAY!

  • vidisi
  • The video is also up on YouTube: