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KNTV The Act Of Sex

You’ll be singing this one all day…

Believe it or not, this is from a kids show which just won a Scottish Bafta Award last week for Best Children’s TV! The KNTV Show is an educational TV program that has been broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom since 2006. Previous seasons tackled science and philosophy – this year they take a frank look at sex. Wikipedia describes the show this way:

The show is presented by two animated fictional teenagers from Eastern Europe (specifically the fictional state of “Slabovia”, the “last remaining communist state in Europe”), called Kierky and Nietschze, named after Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche. The show melds comedy and education into one as form of edutainment.

If you enjoyed this video, you might enjoy the others devoted to Puberty, Pregnancy and the Male Body.

  • Jay Taylor

    How is this educational?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Reminds me of Bill Nye the Science Guy (assuming they’d ever tackle this sort of subject 15 years ago).

  • Cody Covell

    Ditto on what Jay Taylor asked…

  • Cody Covell

    …and to add from seeing the other videos, one of the lines is “I used to like dongs, but now I like boys”?!? this isn’t an educational show, this is an adult swim joke, right?

  • This is just bizarre and is it just me or do the characters look like Gorillaz rejects?

  • Joe Apel

    And Cody, I believe what the girl is saying (assuming the drummer is a girl) is “I used to like dolls, but now I like boys”

  • annoyingmouse

    @above comments

    The clips aren’t particularly educational taken out of context. The show is actually part animated/part live-action and you probably have to see a whole episode to understand the lessons each episode contains. I’ve only caught a couple of episodes myself (quite a while ago) but I felt that it did a good job of combining education with fun, quirky segments like the songs above. “The Sex Spies” segments, I recall, were particularly amusing.

    Incidentally, although the programme is produced by Tern (as linked to in the article), I believe the animation is actually handled by SuperUmami (www.superumami.com)

  • jmac

    Having worked on 2 series of the show i feel compelled to pre-empt any “well that’s just rude, how is that in any way educational” comments.

    I think you really need to watch the full 30 min show to gauge the tone. Teaching teenage kids subjects like science, philosophy and sex in an entertaining and engaging way is a pretty tricky thing. But this show seems to manage!

    Funnier and less smutty than Family Guy….and educational to boot!

  • a reader

    “on the kitchen floor”…annnd this is aimed at kids of what age?

    Oh, and yet again, plainly not done from a girls’ POV. More apt if the refrain was “Jerking off/jerking off” instead of “intercourse/intercourse”.

  • Sara H.

    Now when I hear the word ‘intercourse’ I’m going to picture that boy’s teeth, thanks cartoon brew!

    but seriously, who decided rotting buck teeth were an appealing design idea?

  • Ed Thompson

    I’ve spent about a year in Europe, in various countries. They don’t seem (mostly) to have the absolute paranoia about sex or the love of physically explicit violence that we have here in the US.

  • Gobo

    @Joe Apel, that’s what I heard too, but then the drummer spins around butt-naked, clearly displaying a penis, and sings about being a man. Maybe he just likes boys!

  • Dock Miles

    I fell off a horse once. It was painful, difficult and the result of an extraordinary circumstance (she abruptly jumped over a wide ditch).

    Intercourse has never reminded me of that.

  • Ricardo

    I can’t wait for the next video “Why it hurts when I pee”.

  • top cat james

    This makes “Reproduction” from “Grease 2” look good.

  • Having checked out all the songs on their site I have to say the pregnancy song is the best.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Europe has always been on a different level when it comes to these things we find still prudish in our society. I see why stuff like this would get made and not shock anyone.

    Wonder if they have “The Period Song” too, if only to explain why your girl’s having a bug up her butt and never returns your calls! Those are trying times for any young woman, and an angsty metal tune is all you need to let it out!

  • Cameron

    Well, people have been wondering how to keep teens from having sex.

    I think it’s plainly obvious how to keep them from ever wanting to engage in intercourse.

  • Thomas

    This was great! What the hell? Why all the hate?

  • Mike Fontanelli

    “Kierky and Nietschze”? LOL! Shades of Calvin and Hobbes.

  • Whoa I had to rub my eyes when I saw this on here.

    I’m from England and around 9:00am – 11:00am Channel 4 host loads of wierd teenager trouble programs. Most are live action with teenagers who for example can’t decide if they are homosexual or bisexual.

    I’ve watched this show a few times and laughed they always end with a song to round up that days lessons where the instruments are never in time.

  • The songs are hilarious, the premise is inspired (pirate transmissions intercepted by Channel Four–which makes the viewer think she’s seeing something secret), and the tone is fun instead of preachy. For what it’s worth, there’s also a whole series of songs about the major philosophers.

    And yes, there’s one about avoiding STDs (“You don’t have to be a genius, just put a condom on your penis.”).

    I think a lot of people are freaked out at the idea of anyone except parents discussing sex with kids outside of a classroom setting.

  • SWatsi

    I all fairness the show has raised a number of eyebrows, but at the end of the day its perfectly broadcastable and needs to be cheeky and rude to grab the attention of teenagers in the first place.
    I wonder how many kids of school age will ever get to see it anyway since its on during school hours?

    It’s all a bit of fun.

  • creepy

    DUMB! Then people wonder why society is getting more screwed up.

  • Axe99

    This seems alright to me, some songs are laugh out loud funny and others dumb. But overall it’s pretty good and more enjoyable than Family Guy – the most repetitive animated show. Not sure if it deserved an award though…