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Kraak & Smaak’s Flipbook Video

Kraack & Smaack

Just when you think everything that could possibly be done with old-school flipbooks has been done, along comes a refreshing example of the technique’s versatility. The new Kraak & Smack music video, “Squeeze Me”, is directed by Dutch filmmakers André Maat and Superelectric.

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  • AtomicFox

    I’m not sure which one came first but have you seen the new Presidents of the United States video?
    I’d really hate to think of Weird Al as a thief.

  • Michael

    Whichever came first, it’s hard to get Second-Person movies to work as well as these are.

  • MitchK

    There was a super-awesome flipbook film like this at the Ottawa festival last September… I forget the name of it. Is it by the same folks? It was really impressive.

  • Gru

    There’s something similar in Adjustement by Ian McKinnon (

    Lots of great flipbook things in this shortfilm, my eyes are still flickering.

  • MitchK

    YES! Adjustment was exactly the one I was talking about. How impressive. Thanks!