Kumbia All-Starz <i>Speedy Gonzales</i> Music Video Kumbia All-Starz <i>Speedy Gonzales</i> Music Video
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Kumbia All-Starz Speedy Gonzales Music Video

This music video, by Latin American group Kumbia All-Stars, has been around for several months but I just got around to watching it. Anyone know who did the character animation?

(Thanks to Jake Friedman for pointing me toward it and a nod to Misce-looney-ous for beating me to it)

  • All he needed to do was hit the drink and any Hispanic could use this video in their hate-crime lawsuit against Time-Warner.

  • I like the girl in that video even better than cartoons!

  • That’s pretty good animation. I run a Mexican restaurant blog (even though I’m not Mexican) and it was highlighted once by a Latino lifestyle magazine who said they liked the fact that I used Speedy Gonzales as my ratings icon.


  • red pill junkie

    Ay Carajo!! :-(

    Well, Speedy was well animated, eventhough I had to settle for a very low-quality video at Youtube.

    But the music…. que horror!

  • Jorge Garrido

    ”All he needed to do was hit the drink and any Hispanic could use this video in their hate-crime lawsuit against Time-Warner.”

    Sorry, neither Speedy Gonzalez or The Kumbia All-Stars are Hispanic. I see lots of Latinos, however.

  • Well, looks like I can’t see the video because I’m in Mexico.

    How bloody amusing.

  • Que horror is right. The animation looked good though, at least up to the 1:29 of awkwardness that I could sit through. Yikes…

  • Okay, I found the video on Youtube for all of us who don’t live in the US of A.


    Listening to the song was bad enough, suffering through that music video was much worse. Yech. Sadly, it’s talentless hacks like that kid who make the big bucks.

    I also found Pat Boone’s original version, which is actually pretty decent. I mostly heard Manolo Muñoz’s version when I was a kid, I had no idea it was translated from English. For the curious, it’s at this address:


    The lyrics are also somewhat different, if anyone wants a translation let me know. :)

  • Keith Bryant

    Speedy looked pretty good but the senorita was another matter altogether! Poor little thing. She has to go through life without me.

  • Hmm…I noticed quite a few people didn’t like the video. I actually thought it was very cute.

    Although it’s a little sexually charged for a cartoon mouse, it could have been a lot worse. I have no problem with sensuality, whatsoever, but not with Speedy Gonzalez. Could have been toned down, but I can’t complain — I like Speedy. :)

    Besides, the Animation was better than what is normally seen on television today. The poses and expressions haven’t been watered down for simplicity, so overall…entertaining!

  • Actually. . . .I did forget to add one last complaint. . .

    most of the focus was placed on the band members and dancers. Isn’t this song about Speedy? Compared to the rest of the atmosphere, Speedy seems to blend with the background and even when he’s around, he’s a tad hard to spot unless he’s RIGHT in front of your face.

  • Whoooooooa! Wayy too much fun. Terrifico!! Viva our very dear friend (who was….thankfully SHORT-lived….to be “tabu” for a while there….and how insipid was THAT??!) He looks great!! And I love the song!

    And how increible was that deeeee-lish hottie in blue, too!


  • Regardless on how bad the music was, it was still kind of cool to see Speedy Gonzalez even used in a commercial video. Last I heard I thought he was banned on Cartoon Network but I might be wrong on that….

  • I’mPopeye

    The Speedy Gonzalez is music video is so cool! I’ll tell my friends about it — they will go “Wicked!!”

  • Felicia:
    That’s common in that kind of “music” videos. Heck, I’ve seen kiddie music videos that feature semi-naked women. It’s a cultural thing, I guess.

  • Doug

    are you kidding me??? his timing is horrid. sooo freaking slow.

  • kevin leinbach

    Just goes to show that what “political correctness” deems as offensive for latinos is actually what they like best!

  • Richard Gonzales

    you know i was glad to see that everyone enjoyed this music video. i know i am a a bit late seeing this video and all but i loved it. only thing that bugged me was to see every one spelling speedy’s last name wrong towards the end. GONZALES not GONZALEZ only reason it bugs is cause I spell my last name with an “S” and it pisses me off when people change my S to a Z. pet peeve i guess.