“Last Leaf” by OK Go “Last Leaf” by OK Go
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“Last Leaf” by OK Go

The latest video from OK Go was animated on toast by Geoff McFettridge. The video was created by snapping thousands of photographs of toast with the Samsung NX100, then combining them with hand-drawn images from director McFettridge. I like it.

  • Has anyone else noticed the trend lately… involving toast art?

    For instance:

    Impressive, but I’m wondering where this sudden fascination in the art community popped up. Anyone else with me on this?

    • Guz

      I may be totally wrong here, but I think it’s because of those “art toasters” selling in the market, where you have so much options to toast the bread with drawings. Then the natural path for an antirst would be “what if I made a drawing on MY toast?” hehe.

      Anyway, it’s a brilliant clip. I like it.

    • The Gee

      “Impressive, but I’m wondering where this sudden fascination in the art community popped up.”

      I’m guessing that it popped up from a toaster.


      The video is interesting. I can’t bring myself to celebrate it though. If it were done on paper or full screen it would have, could have been just as entertaining. At the least I wouldn’t have felt like squinting to make sure I was seeing the right thing.

  • Sol

    I hope all that toast wasn’t just thrown out at the end of the day. Also, what does toast have to do with the subject matter? It’s like “Postalolio” by Marv Newland (animation on postcards) interesting idea, but what is the point, really?

  • The Gee

    One, I did not know there is such a thing as an Art Toaster….I prefer not to know more.

    Two, I agree with Sol, I hope the toast wasn’t thrown out. Hell, I’d feel better if it were preserved–somehow– in boxes than just thrown away. I’d feel even better if it had been consumed….shared with those who might have use for it.

    using toast was wasteful and I still don’t know if it added anything to “story” of the video…

    Oh well, on to discuss Pooh matters….that joint’s a hoppin compared to this thread.