<em>Le Cafe</em> <em>Le Cafe</em>
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Le Cafe

A song by the French band Oldelaf & Monsieur D, with animation by Stephanie Marguerite and Emilie Tarascou.

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  • This music video is so much fun! It just makes me wanna have some more coffee!

  • Hilarious ! Now I gotta go for one more espresso.

  • Guillermo

    I was just finishing my morning coffee and WHAM! a cool animation about coffee and its not so kosher side effects

  • That is fantastic! Love the tune and the frenzied drawings and whiplash style of animation match it perfectly. I wish I could afford this studio!

  • elan

    That reminds me. Time for some coffee!!

  • Jeff Goldner

    Well, yes, perhaps uncontrollable rage and murder might be seen as a slight downside to coffee consumption. But on a more positive note, it does appear from this that the French are not diluting their brew with as much chicory as they used to.

  • This is a killer video – I dig the buildup. Thats why I drink tea I can relate to this dude. Killer.

  • Excellent video!!!

  • Steve Ryder

    HAHAHA! This wakes me up more than coffee! Great stuff!

  • This was great – I don’t have near the espresso tolerance that this guy does! Two coffees and I’m a jittery mess.

  • Reis

    That made my entire day. Truly awesome.

  • FP

    Cartoon Brew. A coffee cartoon. I get it.

    Great energy in the cartoon. Loved the ending. I used to drink coffee in that quantity, but I had to give it up…

  • Awesome. Truly my cup of tea… I mean, you know ;-)

  • mim

    really nice work!

  • Cadychan

    Fantastic! What a great film! See, now – this is why I drink tea…lol