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Lee Lennox’s “Girl and the Sea”

Girl and the Sea

The Presets’ “Girl and the Sea” is an incredibly lovely mixed-media music video directed by Lee Lennox. It’s not a new video—it was released in 2005—but now, a hi-res AVI has appeared online over here. The video, which is obviously an homage to Russian master Yuri Norstein, deserves to be seen in this higher quality to be fully appreciated. Lee Lennox is represented by Draw Pictures in the UK (click on “Promo Directors” on the site to see more of his work).

(Thanks, Philip Rogosky)

  • Esn

    Ugh, that website makes users jump through ridiculous hoops; you have to click on one of their sponsored links then wait 30 seconds, etc, etc. I honestly think that nobody who doesn’t read Russian will be able to get through to the file. With that thought in mind, I’ve uploaded the file to another place. Download away!

    As for the video… good grief… It’s more than a little influenced by Norshteyn’s “Tale of Tales”. Interesting, but I’m not quite sure whether or not it crosses the fine line between tribute and copying.

  • Doug

    I was wondering if you’ve seen this commericial:

    an homage (or complete ripoff) of Osamu Tezuka’s Jumping

  • Esn

    It is now up on Youtube over here: